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the last remaining Australian copies of ruff records latest offering...

review from 'other music' store in NYC :

An excellent archival release from this obscure Australian duo, Flat Static were primitive pioneers of computer music, best described as having a sort of proto-techno/post-punk style that very few perfected. Performance artist Brett Band and electronic musician Ant Wilshire recorded their LP in 1985 and released it in a tiny private edition. What you'll hear is totally unique music that combines the outsider aesthetic of many '70s folk musicians with early electro experimentation via 808s, technically proficient "new age-y" musicianship, and skronky mutated synths. Flat Static hits a similar spot to the more pop-minded Cluster albums, Woo or even Morton Subotnik, but with a decidedly more punk-flavored messthetics-ism to the whole thing. Think E2-E4 meets Nervous Gender meets The Faust Tapes and maybe we're getting somewhere. Tracks like "Bail Out the Pig" and "Princess" even approach house music in their messy re-appropriation of piano presets and alien sounds to a primitive 4/4. There's not much else to say about this one except that it's very recommended to fans of outsider music and early beat making at its strangest. (January 14, 2015)

Reviewed by Ryan Naideau

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